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Scripture quotations unless otherwise noted are from
The Holy Bible: The King James version

Table Of Contents

Dedication i
Introduction ii
About the Author iii


I Jacob Have I Loved Romans 9:13 1-7
II Endure Hardness, As A Good Soldier ll Timothy 2:3 8-11
III Return Unto Me Isaiah 44:22 12-16
IV Unto Us A Son Is Given Isaiah 9:6 17-22
V Salem Also Is His Tabernacle Psalm 76:2 23-36
VI All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray Isaiah 53:6 37-43
VII Let My People Go Exodus 5:1 44-57
VIII Elijah The Prophet Malachi 4:5 58-66
IX Messiah The Prince Daniel 9:25 67-77
X Other Sheep I Have John 10:16 78-84
XI Fulness Of The Gentiles Romans 11:25 85-92
XII Gog Shall Come Against The Land of Israel Ezekiel 38:18 93-100
XIII O Ye Of Little Faith Matthew 6:30 101-105
XIV Descending Out of Heaven Revelation 21:10 106-112




I dedicate this book to
Mrs. Ari D. Hidalgo,
my wife and companion
of over 32 years



It was in Jerusalem, Israel that The Lord God spoke to my
heart and mind about writing Jerusalem of God. At first, my
reaction came as no surprise to me, for immediately I thought of
Ecclesiastes 12:12, "...of making many books there is no end",
and indeed today, the book market is literally inundated with books
for everyone and everything under the sun! But nevertheless, after
struggling a little, and making invalid excuses to myself, I
surrendered totally to the task set before me by The Lord.

Jerusalem of God will give you a potpourri of thoughts from
a Scriptural perspective, dealing with issues and subjects that
condescend from the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the
'end times'. Obviously, a subject of this magnitude could not be in
any way condensed into a small book as this, but the words of The
Holy Bible do contain the whole perspective from creation to
eternity, therefore I call un-ashamedly upon The Book of Books for
authority and references!

The Lord bless this work to your hearts and minds, to love HIM
more, and to remember to "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem".
(Psalm 122:6)

In Messiah Jesus...

Elias E. Hidalgo, Ph.D.


About the Author

Dr. Hidalgo

Dr. Elias E. Hidalgo

Dr. Elias E. Hidalgo is a Hebrew-Christian Minister, who at the
age of 24 accepted The Messiah of Israel, The Lord Jesus Christ,
and for the past fourty-nine years has been serving his Lord and
Saviour on a full-time faith basis.

Dr. Hidalgo is the founder-president of Shalom Scripture
Studies, Inc., P.O. Box 60580, Savannah, Georgia, a Hebrew-
Christian Bible Fellowship incorporated under the State laws of
California on December the 13th, 1974. He is married to Mrs. Ari D.
Hidalgo, who assists him in the overall daily ministry, as well as
being an encouragement and very helpful with her administrative

Rev. Hidalgo began his educational training in 1965, and is a
graduate of Bible Baptist Seminary (Arlington Baptist College),
Missionary Baptist College, Sacramento Baptist College, Baptist
Christian University, etc. He holds the B.A., B.S.M., Th. B., M.A.,
Ph.D., degrees in Biblical Studies.

Also, honorary degrees, LL.D., and D.D., have been bestowed
upon him by various schools.

He has travelled to the Land of Israel several times since 1975,
and on his last visit to Israel, both he and his wife lived in The City
of Jerusalem during 1983.

Dr. Hidalgo has written many articles on Hebrew-Christianity
that have been published in various Christian Magazines.

He has spoken in churches throughout the United States and is
known as a true student and lover of The Word of God.

His main objective is three-fold, (1) To present The Truth of
our Lord and Saviour, " the Jew first, and also to the Gentile."
(Romans 1:16), and (2) to teach The Word of Truth to believers in
The Lord Jesus Christ, and (3) to protest and combat anti-semitism
in whatever shape or form it appears.

Dr. Hidalgo's ministry, Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc., is a full-
time faith work depending totally upon the Lord and His children
for it's support and upkeep.

Our headquarters is in Savannah, Georgia

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